Full Moon Sagittarius on May 21, 2016

Full Moon Sagittarius on May 21, 2016

It’s a BLUE full moon. Another full moon happens in June of the same type which is why this one in May is a blue moon. A lot of people have told me how much they have felt this upcoming moon. There has been a lot of opposition and obstacles with Mercury Retrograde and nothing, unfortunately, is going to be finalized this weekend even though full moons typically mean finishing up.  There is still more work to be done. In fact, I posted a photo on my Instagram page last night of a caterpillar.  In my life I am just beginning to go into those deep spiritual places where I sense a beautiful transformation will eventually happen. But, I can’t skip over the work, the sensitivity, the delicacy of life. You could seriously fly up into magnificence after the deep, dark period.

full moon sagittarius may 2016

New Directions

Gemini Sun, Sag full moon conjuncts Mars, Black Moon Lilith transition from Libra to Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius.

We have a lot of fire happening in the chart and planet relationships. This means there can be some fiery energy, aggression, impulsiveness, sending a text or email that offends someone, frustrated with how far we are from our goals, lashing out at loved ones, and a feeling of losing control that can make you very angry.  Some of this anger and frustration will revolve around money, possessions, career, objects and for others relationships, ideas, sexuality, intimacy, safety. Like the caterpillar who is soft and tender, it goes into hibernation, camouflaging itself with its environment to build a new life.

The new direction in your current situation is inevitable. You have been preparing behind the scenes, feeling your way through the environment, perhaps deciding which final direction to head. Not all of you are linear thinkers, believers, or seekers. I love the recent video by Gilbert of Flight of the Hummingbird: The Curiousity Driven Life where she gives permission in this sentence: Some people—like her—are jackhammers. They focus intensely on one thing, diving in deeply and tuning out any other pursuit. But others are like hummingbirds, flitting from flower to flower—letting curiosity lead them from one interest to another—and making the world a better place by “pollinating” various interests with their unique contribution. Not everyone is a jackhammer! We need hummingbirds!

The beginning of a Transformation

The bottom line, truth seeker, is that there is no quick fix. I heard this loud and clear while listening to the ongoing Hay House Summit (click here to join free) which is currently in Series 3. Many of these spiritual thought leaders have echoed the reality that your current life can be complicated by a past life, your belief systems, your unwillingness to return to who you truly are. Your lessons are karmic, many of them. Some of these have already come back to awaken you. Fears and anxieties that you thought you had healed have opened back up as wounds that make your mind race endlessly, your body shake and set you into a state of shadow self. The shadow self is there, especially if you have any past trauma. Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is here until February 2017. Your power issues are going to go through quite a wringer. Expect people to push buttons.

Hiding out might make sense right now. You’ll feel protective of your self and surroundings. A cocoon is alchemy. It is a natural transition that turns something simple into something beautiful. Part of the alchemy process is MAGIC. It takes faith, belief and nature’s blessing, or karma. Just as Elizabeth Gilbert writes about hummingbirds, not everyone is meant to be a hummingbird either. Your deep Self is about to be asked to decide who you want to be in this life. What part of the Earth, sky, ocean, or fire is calling you? Where do you most feel the Light and can shine your talents simply through evolving? The beginning of transformation can also mean death. Death and letting go is as a natural process in life. Something has been asking you to let go and become that butterfly.

The Summer arrives soon

With summer arriving, natural transition to heat and sun and fun arrive. Gemini Sun will encourage communication, networking, online, texting, social invitations, staying curious and willing to try almost anything. Sagittarius encourages a deeper look and many of you may feel this conflict on Saturday, May 21st. Gemini just wants to experience light-hearted banter whereas Sag is the teacher, just as energetic and just as knowledgeable, but forces a poignant pause before jumping in. Again, try to enjoy yourself through all the transition. Find some Gemini energy and become more curious, adventurous, and network. It will help to gather ideas before heading into the cocoon. Your answers, astrologically speaking, may not arrive until end of July or later in August. I know that’s tough to hear. I seriously want some things in my life to happen already too. Please know that all of this is for your superstar moment. Your colors, ability to fly, and being able to seek freedom are soon to arrive.

Bottom Line

Find your own truth. There will be a LOT of distraction to keep you from your goals if you aren’t careful. I took a break from my personal Facebook page for that reason. I have also kept myself from listening to the news. Too many strong opinions and heated politics as well as lots of communication problems with Mercury Retrograde (we are still in its shadow through June 7th). If you choose to hide out, it might be hard with Gemini Sun arriving on the 21st. Gemini may also want to travel, play and take some risks. Saturn is helping you to stay on task. I recommend finding scheduled breaks and planned activities rather than impulsive ones. This would also relate to your relationships as well. Certain people in your life prove to be quite distracting, certain relationships set you up for taking attention away from your goals. Again, spend planned time with people and activities instead of simply playing all summer. This is a summer to get serious UNLESS you are always working too hard all the time, then do the opposite. I just sense that some of you are wanting to throw in the towel and not go in that cocoon. But, you will be so happy you did once you come back out.

Much love,

Mama Hummingbird


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