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During training for Health Coach certification we learned most of all the dietary theories, and there are many.  I can understand why choosing one diet can be so difficult.  I hope this article will help you in your decision process.  As a trained and certified Health Coach, I can assist you with your path.  There are many points to consider when choosing the right diet and there appear to be many “experts” who will take a video or have the latest product they want to sell you.  You also need to consider your health condition and want to get a medical opinion – either from an allopath or naturopath.  As some may lead you to believe, their diet is for anyone and everyone.  But, many times you will sense challenges and will not see the results you opted for.

Obviously, the first thing may be to consider your culture, genetics, or blood type.  Many persons can attempt diets based on their blood type as introduced by Dr.James D’Adamo.  The theory is our bodies have specific digestive processes and eating particular to that biology will help you to lose weight and rid yourself of chronic conditions.  As reviewed by Dr. Elson Hass, there is very little information on diets according to culture.  We know that Americans have diet of high carbs, high sodium, and high fat and protein.  This is also called the SAD, or Standard American Diet.  There has been a lot of research and criticism on the SAD and research points to higher cancer rates, heart disease, stroke, and intestinal disorder, according to Dr. Sears.

another point to consider when you are dieting is based on a chronic disease or illness you may have.  For instance, if you have cardiac issues, you may choose a low sodium or low cholesterol diet, vegetarian diet or low fat diet.  If you have diabetes or glucose issues, you might choose the Atkins diet, low carb diet, or possibly the Paleolithic diet.  If you are diagnosed with a thyroid disease, such as hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, you might do well with a gluten free diet, dairy free diet, raw food diet, or high protein diet.  With the diagnosis of gallbladder disease you might benefit from a Vegetarian Diet, Brown Rice Diet,  Fiber35 diet or the DASH diet.  This is a very small sampling of diets that are available to clients and there is much to consider regarding to what is right for your body.  A Health Coach can assist you with deciding on the right diet and will keep you moving towards your goals and the final outcome.

Another level of consideration is that you may have to change your diet at different points of your life depending on your age, hormones, periods of stress, and overall weight loss and maintenance goals.  You must realize that not all types fit every person.  In fact, a particular diet could be quite toxic for you and will send you in completely the wrong direction.  FOr instance, you may consider yourself a person who can handle carbs well and have always eaten them throughout your life.  But, if you were recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes, or perhaps have not had a recent check-up and do not know you are pre-diabetic, a high carb or even moderate carb diet could be highly detrimental.   You may have cancer or were just treated with chemo and radiation.  You briefly saw a dietician in the hospital but cannot remember what she said.   You may feel that since you beat the cancer you could go right bak to your diet. but this would not be recommended by a Health Coach.  A specific diet tailored to your needs is essential as well as assisting you manage the emotions tied to changing your lifestyle.  A holistic health coach will help you to address your Circle of Life and thus address all the aspects of disease, illness and health.

One of the first things you can do on your own is a cleanse.  A total body cleanse will make anyone feel better.  There are many reputable products at your whole food or natural food store.  I have some personal recommendations here.  A cleansing diet is structured so that many of the toxins can be eliminated from your body.  These are toxins you may have put there with food, water, smoking, drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs or using any type of pharmaceutical medicine.  You can also become toxic due to environment and stress.  Here is another resource for types of cleanses.

I hope this article is somewhat helpful once you decide that a diet is something you would like to try.  For many persons, diets are a way to obtain a structured eating pattern.  Many of us eat based on habits, childhood memories, family tradition, or as way to relieve stress.  Yet, Dr. Bays, in an article for Psychology Today, offers that the mind is often the culprit for poor eating habits and there are “mindful” ways to eat.  Perhaps this is summed up by meditation or acupuncture techniques also widely available, and with meditation it is free of cost!  You can pick a corner of your house and begin meditation.  Please see the video below on Meditation for Beginners:

As a Holistic Health Coach, I have gathered all of the resources for you and am interested in assisting you find the right plan and path to Wellness.   Stop by at my Facebook page for more tips daily!


Cynthia Djengue, BA, MSW, CHC

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