Common Sense Strategies to Avoid an Epidemic like Ebola


How to use Common Sense to Avoid an Epidemic

#EBOLA is getting big news after the man in Dallas died, a dog was euthanized in Spain, and more stories will present in the news. It’s interesting to me that we are so advanced in healthcare and yet cannot contain, nor treat well, such a virus. It says a lot about our healthcare care system worldwide as well as the politics involved.

With that said, I am not going to give you crazy home-made cures for such a thing. But, I will tell you this. Whenever an “epidemic” strikes you aim to do a few things for your own prevention and immune system.  Here are some basic strategies:

1. Do not go to Urgent Care Centers or Hospitals unless absolutely necessary. Too many people take their children and themselves to urgent care for any little thing – a cold, the flu, a fever. The best place to get sick? In a hospital or urgent care center where people have symptoms. I have never been so healthy since leaving the hospital environment. I hardly ever get sick now. So many bugs are traveling through hospitals and even with sanitization, large amounts of people are transferring germs quickly. Most people are also told to go home when they arrive at a hospital for a common ailment. Save your time, money and health and take care of the small stuff at home. Yes, you might have to miss work, so be it.

2. Take probiotics, eat whole foods, green foods, avoid sugar, sleep well, avoid smoking and too much alcohol. Keep your oral health strong – floss, clean teeth, do oil pulling. Practice a coffee enema once a month (or more for high toxicity). All of these things are going to make your immune system stronger. Does nutrition really help prevent disease? Of course it does.  Read:

3. There is a correlation of Ebola to meat and animals. While I doubt the American food supply is going to be tainted with Ebola, you can can take precautions with meat and animals. I was married to a West African and he would go to the African store (In America) to buy fish, spices and other items. I personally would avoid this practice until we know the risk has cleared, not because of a big risk, rather just to be totally safe ( I texted my concerns to him and he thanked me ).  Also, keep your pets safe from disease in the same manner you would yourself.

4. Persons who are sick need to stay home and not infect others. Persons are traveling on airplanes, going on vacations and working with others while they are ill. Why is this? We do we not let people rest when they are ill? It has been determined that part of the issue with the large spread of this virus is due to persons not being quarantined. Common sense. If someone said a virus was right outside my door I wouldn’t open the door. Sorry. Compassion is great, but we have to decide when to protect ourselves versus risking spreading the disease. This gets into a lot of ethics here.  How far do we go to help the larger community versus looking out for ourselves and our own families?

5. Speaking of Ethics, this disease has caused a lot of controversy about race, economics, politics, priorities, and education. It brings out lots of questions. If you google, “ebola planned conspiracy” notice how many persons are writing about this and the correlations and links they come up with between governments, politics and race. All I can say about this is to educate yourself and simply be aware of all the possibilities. Read:  I am not saying anything was planned, like an actual conspiracy. But, I personally like to see what people are saying in a larger context and to be prepared for what’s coming as it is already in the public mindset.

I worked in the medical environment most of my career and have respect for my doctor and nurse friends. At the same time, when we see epidemics like this we question how adequate our medical and political organizations are, how well they work together, how well the money is being used. It can be quite a cluster-F*$k working in a hospital during a crises. A crisis or epidemic reveals the weaknesses in our amazing technology and scientific breakthroughs while people begin to lean towards wanting to find more natural cures and holistic options. After all, let’s try something “new” and do what is less toxic for our bodies, at least, that’s my wishful thinking anyway.

Some may question my blog post and label it hypersensitive, misguided, or naive. That’s fine. While we have, as a world, been managing our health in the wrong way for many decades now, and not seeing great results in improvement from the medical model, my guess is we will try many new cures and fail.   The science of epidemics, whether you believe they are created by man or nature, is a real issue because our health status around the world has been compromised by our lifestyles.  But, this health status is not always by choice, which is one of the biggest issues.  Some persons, if educated well, would choose to do better.  Others, not so much.

There is also tons of hypo-criticism in the wellness industry.  I have seen it too many times.  Persons are fast to give advice and make a buck and over-sensationalize.  I feel your skepticism.  I think there are many in the holistic industry with good intentions but sometimes the intention is lost in the face of making profits.  This is when the medical model and the natural health alternatives overlap.  So we must all work together.

Health isn’t about being perfect, which I  hope I convey enough in my blogs.  Overall health and wellness is many times about access to good information and education.  It becomes a practice and knowing when to use the right tools for the specific concern at hand.  While you will read satire and conspiracy and see persons roll their eyes at the epidemic paranoia, please be aware that all these viruses are still killing people worldwide and families with children are dying.  As much as I would like to poke at weaknesses in our systems and somehow provide the wit or sarcasm which often gets us through such a scare, I want to keep it real.  In my training as a Reiki Master I also learned that there is Light and Unconditional Love that can be sent around the world at any time to any one in any place.  I ask you to hold Light and Love for all those affected.

Here are few organizations you can donate to for the help with Ebola and other diseases around the world:

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