New Moon Aquarius January 2017


It’s a new moon and normally you love Aquarius for their awareness of community, change, cooperation and taking action. Think ‘Age of Aquarius.’ But, you have a rather difficult influence right now with Venus and Saturn who are square and not playing nice. You may sense some difficulty with love and/or money, perhaps on a grand scale.

This is also the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster, or Cock, with 1957 being more relevant (google search what was happening in 1957). So… we start off the new year and moon with a little Cock lesson. Men who have felt the lines blurred too much between genders may soon feel reprieve and be macho men they once were, the majority can strut their stuff (and hopefully protect their hens and chicks while at it). Venus and Saturn square will give many of you a difficult time. What’s your role in romantic or business relationships? If you want to take yourself to the next level with him or her, or want to resolve some of those money issues, think of some actions to take, write them down and discover where you can organize, clean, act and manifest. Aquarians like to use the help of others to get things done. Think group efforts.

Year of the ‘Fire Rooster’ represents Virgo. This year we will be #woke. A strong influence of alertness and awareness to detail and being prepared.

With a new president, it is necessary to consider various options as you indeed have Cock sightings and Cock fighting has begun.

The current influences may have you asking: are you ready for long term relationship? What does it look like? What are you willing to give up on or sacrifice? What can you gain? Does this career guarantee you a decent retirement? How much do you need to invest in him or her or it? All of this takes a willingness to let go of the past.

Don’t forget, as friendly as an Aquarius can be, they are a FIXED sign, rebellious, and true to themselves. Try to hem in an Aquarius and they aren’t going for it, progression and change will happen whether you stand with them or not. And so it is with you. How will you progress? Let go? Fight?

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New Moon July 4, 2016 Freedom and Love

New Moon July 4, 2016

Back in 2014, I wrote about Freedom.  Here is an excerpt:

I would often ask my elderly patients what they thought about Love at the end of their lives. In the relationships that appeared more functional, (which is a loaded word, I admit), it appeared there was an agreement of some amount of freedom. Freedom is defined as an “absenteeism”, no confinement, unrestricted partnership, boldness, openness, and independence. Most of those words are attractive if you bond them with Love. Albeit for some, it is less comfortable with such loose terminology. The opposite of freedom in Love is magnetic, not too much space, a vacuum-like energy, whining and whimpering when left alone too long. Love without freedom is a drag.

This couldn’t be truer today. The political climate is hot, while celebration of July 4th Independence feels necessary, the threat of war and uprisings is also felt internally and externally. The New Moon in Cancer is seen in your world as holding on too tight to ideas, hopes, wishes, and people or propaganda. The New Moon is in Cancer, sun in Cancer, with Venus in Cancer, and Mars has stationed direct. Lots of freeing-up change is here. Ready for better, new beginnings? That time is here. All is about to go deep, but it doesn’t have to be painful. It means you have the opportunity to transform, giving birth to a newfound freedom.


Sensitive, emotional, and nurturing, Cancer will be unhappy with the superficial. If this is a relationship you are reviewing, you will sense anyone pulling away, friends or lovers, husbands or wives that aren’t giving you a deep sense of security. This could also relate to work that feels any lack of security or long term depth or meaning. Perhaps some of you will get new job offers, new benefit packages, or new contracts that are longer and forthcoming. No more guesswork in career or love is ideal, but more often the conflicts and anxieties you have reflect your ability or willingness to grow.


Astrology and life are ever-changing. You can attempt to rely on people or incomes only to realize that life offers constant change, loss, growth and rebirth/renewal. The message is not necessarily that you need to give up someone or something. In fact, current astrology positions are asking if you’d like to move into your emotions as they will cause you to create something. Put energy into those and that which is working and feels good. Focus. Be clear. Find deeper truth. Use intuition.

love crystal grid new moon cancer


Cancer love is devotional, maternal, and feels so sweet. Where is your sweetness in your life? Relationships are always a reflection of you. This simply means that people show up to show you what you need, desire, how much you have grown, how intuitive you are. If you keep repeating the same in relationships, don’t beat yourself up. Simply, move towards that which feels good – nurturing, loving, safety, insight and wisdom. Love can heal.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer, Venus in Cancer (trining Chiron), 8th house. Mars in Scorpio. There is a focus on deeper themes such as money, secrets, sexuality, intuition, and perhaps what is forbidden. Love is not all airy and light but if you meet someone now it might be one of the deeper relationships you will experience in some time. It could be someone who would enhance your desire for freedom from something…


Freedom and love go well together but our society has conditioned so many to believe that dependency, monogamy, and repressed sexuality is somehow the higher path. If that works for you I am not here to tell you to be different than your natural state. Yet, spiritual sexuality teachers will continue to teach students that love and sexuality expressed in a free and loving environment is healing. If there is not a partner to express this with, then shower the love on yourself. ocus your energy on your internal attitude which expands to your external environment. As I explained to a friend last night, if you aren’t positively changing your environment, your partner/spouse, your family, workplace, then don’t expend energy there. She asked, “What do you mean by that?” I mean we are energetic beings and as someone on this Earth you have a purpose. That purpose can be as simple as loving others, it doesn’t matter what the purpose is. But, if you can’t bring good energy to the table, the conversation, the workplace, the friendships, then keep it to yourself. With freedom comes a responsibility to change the world for the better.

Focus your energy on your internal attitude which expands to your external environment. As I explained to a friend last night, if you aren’t positively changing your environment, your partner/spouse, your family, workplace, then don’t expend energy there. She asked, “What do you mean by that?” I mean we are energetic beings and as someone on this Earth you have a purpose. That purpose can be as simple as loving others, it doesn’t matter what the purpose is. But, if you can’t bring good energy to the table, the conversation, the workplace, the friendships, then keep it to yourself. With freedom comes a responsibility to change the world for the better.

Focus your desire energy on your internal attitude which expands to your external environment. This is also how meditation works to heal an entire community. Energy directed outward from the heart center will heal. As I explained to a friend last night, if you aren’t positively changing your environment, (your partner/spouse, your family, workplace) then don’t expend energy there. She asked, “What do you mean by that?” I mean we are energetic beings and as someone on this Earth you have a purpose. That purpose can be as simple as loving others, it doesn’t matter what the purpose is. But, if you can’t bring good energy to the table, the conversation, the workplace, the friendships, then keep it to yourself. With freedom comes a responsibility to change the world for the better. Love, sex and spirituality expressed are freedom. The opposite is violence, war, and propaganda. It’s that simple.


This New Moon and surrounding planets are asking self what is TRUE?! You will have more clarity and focus. Part of this is from Jupiter. In keeping with the theme of freedom, where are you giving power away? Many of you reading haven’t figured out how to balance love and power. As I have written on many Self Love Sunday, there is tremendous freedom and power first from loving self. Kelly Rosano says, “This New Moon may bring to light the things you do that sabotage you. Are you buying into the illusion that you are unworthy? You were born therefore you are worthy. When a person says they want to be fit and thin. Yet, they keep eating junk food and do not exercise. This is a mixed message in your brain. This is how you give your power away. Are you eating your feelings? Arguing for your limitations will not bring you what you want. Excuses do not produce results. Are you settling for less than what you deserve? You want to make a commitment to your goals. You want to make a commitment to your health and vitality.

Secure love of self and others nudges you to let go of fear, providing freedom for self and others, empowers you, causing less internal and external struggle.


I wish you a wonderful week, a great month and many abundant loving relationships!

Keep loving yourself,

Mama Hummingbird/Cynthia Djengue

Solstice Full Moon message June 20, 2016

Solstice Full Moon message June 20, 2016

Happy Solstice and Full Moon! If you’re feeling a little psychadelic, it’s ok. It’s in the air. Sagittarius full moon is a free spirit, willing to take risks, like an ayahuasca experience. That’s the point of life. Get into an energy that makes you closer to spirit and less in your head. A life that’s meant to feel full of laughter, joy and love. Something totally different may need to happen to get you there if you truly seek enlightenment. Mind altering is okay. This is why the world has shamans, medicine men and women, spiritual advisors, and those that teach us to pray or meditate. Find your inner guide, your ancestors and they will have messages for you. Do you feel stuck or restless? Get out of your thoughts sister or brother. Mind blowing experiences await. It’s all inside you. Tonight’s the night to tell the Universe you’re ready! You have to tell your God what it is… #solstice #fullmoon #fullmoonparty #sun #moon #longestdayever #of #the #year #release #mindaltering #meditate #universe #god #goddess #amen #soitis #aho #psychadelic #sagittarius

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Full Moon, Solstice June 20, 2016

Full Moon, Solstice June 20, 2016


Monday, June 20, 2016

It’s a full moon in Sagittarius on Monday coupled with a Solstice. This is a fairly big occasion. A Solstice brings in a masculine energy and currently, a political energy. The Universe is pulling you into yourself. You might have found you have less interest in being overly social and find yourself settling comfortably into solitude. I should say that with a caveat. Those of you who are empaths, sensitive types, highly intuitive are feeling the above effects more.

Others will get caught up in competition, feeling passionate and combative. Actually, Sagittarius has been going through it for a while, as well as anyone with a Sagittarius rising since Saturn is transitioning your sign until December 2017. Many of you want to give things up, scale down and focus on what’s necessary. This is true for your home, your parenting style, your marriage or relationship and your career or business. You may have acted impulsively in the past and now learn of some of your personal truths. Did I act too fast, pull the trigger too soon?

full moon solstice june 20 2016

Here’s what you are being asked to look at. Am I willing to expand my consciousness? Can I see the deeper truth and purpose of my life? Am I willing to CHANGE my beliefs as I realize what’s before me & comes out of me does not represent the Truth?

Because of Venus in Cancer, Mars retrograde, square between Chiron and Uranus, and other influences emotions are sensitive and strong.

Some astrologers predicted violence during this month, some said it would be war and were correct. War in politics, a war between the people of the United States, a war in people who have internalized phobias, self-directed hate, which turns to hatred towards others.

Is the purpose to have a bigger gun? (Masculine energy is high)

Our world culture needs healing. Shooting someone with a gun, a drug or an ideology isn’t working. Issues of power, violence and Prejudice run deep.

What to do? Blow up your mind. Question everything. Be willing to see bigger, deeper, wider. You’re not right. You simply have beliefs and they desperately need a challenge.

Believe in the best possible outcome.

Keep loving yourself,

Cynthia, Mama Hummingbird

Weapon Consciousness

Weapon Consciousness

gun statement


This past week an innocent singer, Christina Grimmie, died in Florida from a gunman, with no apparent warning or any type of relationship with the victim. A stupid guy with a gun.

Another crime was committed in Florida soon after, killing 50 people. Some assume it was about religion or terrorism, others say it was hate. A stupid guy with a gun.

Regardless, America, PREVENT rather than respond. Seriously, when are you going to learn that your bad relations with others put you at risk? And, you’re willingness to let mankind buy weapons at will wounds your citizens at an increasing rate?

“In spite of recent dips in Defense Department budget, the U.S. is now spending more than $1 trillion annually on national security, not even counting the interest paid on the military-related debt..”

“The world as a whole spends about 2 percent of its total income on its militaries; the United States, about 4 percent.”

“Rather than worrying about how to win wars, we should seek to prevent them from breaking out in the first place. Our ultimate goal should be for the U.S. armed forces—and all armed forces–to become obsolete.”

“If the U.S. devoted as much effort to gun control as it does to countering terrorism, the world would be a much safer place.”

John Horgan, 2015, 2016


More to read:

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We need less guns, less spending on weapons in order to thrive as a human kind. – Cynthia Djengue

Jupiter Virgo in 2016

Jupiter in Virgo 2016

Jupiter in Virgo has been with us since August 2015 and continues to be through September 2016. We are at the final phase of this transit. Jupiter in Virgo encourages service, rolling up your sleeves to do the work, lessons in money and abundance as well as purpose and health/healing. Can you see how much you have changed since last year?

It is one of the reasons why you’ve been asking yourself what you should do with your life, and if you should do it for the money or simply share your skills and talents with others. Some people are clear, others will need to convince themselves that they deserve it. What do you let go of? What do you move towards? Concentrate on what you want. Attract the changes you want.


It’s a time to say no to what or who you don’t want to do. If you look back to August 2015 when Jupiter entered Virgo chances are you’ve been through a lot of change and want to move to Jupiter in Libra with clarity and confidence because new opportunities for love, money, communication/media and much more will be REAL. August 2016 will be a pivotal month.

So, stop saying yes to shit you hate but realize you might have to take one for the team, be in service without much recognition, polish your resume and reputation, and treat your body with up-most care if you really want to call the shots. You’ll want to become a being who reeks of Purpose. Did you watch the Steve Jobs movie? He wasn’t exactly nice to everyone. He was extremely focused, ate clean (a Vegan for most of his life) and was able to say no to all types of offers, ideas, and opportunities. He didn’t apologize for who he was. He might have been bitter about some things, who knows!? Pancreatic cancer ended his life. 

Steve Jobs was also adopted by a middle class family. He was given up by his biological mother. According to Louise Hay’s Heal your Life, the pancreas’ main function is to assist in transforming and transporting foods and fluid throughout the body, purifying the blood and chi (life force/energy) in the body. The pancreas has a mother/feminine component. Feeling nurtured is important to the pancreas.

Steve Jobs also went to India for 7 months and perhaps learned something about intuition. He became a millionaire in his twenties.

Not many are ever going to come close to the success of Steve Jobs but you are in a current position of learning to dream big. BIG. Moving towards big dreams requires saying No, clearly, to what you don’t want. It doesn’t mean you can just jump to the next thing without hard work, dedication, losing friends, and other relationships. But, as Louise Hay will often say, What you have to give up will come back to you multiplied.  Steve Jobs died a billionaire leaving a fortune to his children and wife, whom he loved.

saying no jobs

I wrote to my mailing list last night about healing, which is a Virgo desire. I wrote:

The bottom line is healing is necessary for a prosperous life.  It propels you to adjust to what shit comes your way, (which it will, it always will) with calm demeanor and earthy confidence. Once you have experienced healing, whether internally or from another, the opportunity for self love happens.

I know what it feels like to go through hard times. According to my chart it has been delays, denials, losses and lessons since 2009.  I have also attracted abundance, achieved many goals, and learned great lessons in these years. If it has been rough for you, expect more to come back, multiplied. Be ready for big abundant change in a couple of months and prepare now for what and who you want.

Learn how to say no. Simply don’t attempt to attract anyone or anything you don’t really want. Be THAT clear.

Keep loving yourself,
Cynthia Djengue

Full Moon Sagittarius on May 21, 2016

Full Moon Sagittarius on May 21, 2016

It’s a BLUE full moon. Another full moon happens in June of the same type which is why this one in May is a blue moon. A lot of people have told me how much they have felt this upcoming moon. There has been a lot of opposition and obstacles with Mercury Retrograde and nothing, unfortunately, is going to be finalized this weekend even though full moons typically mean finishing up.  There is still more work to be done. In fact, I posted a photo on my Instagram page last night of a caterpillar.  In my life I am just beginning to go into those deep spiritual places where I sense a beautiful transformation will eventually happen. But, I can’t skip over the work, the sensitivity, the delicacy of life. You could seriously fly up into magnificence after the deep, dark period.

full moon sagittarius may 2016

New Directions

Gemini Sun, Sag full moon conjuncts Mars, Black Moon Lilith transition from Libra to Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius.

We have a lot of fire happening in the chart and planet relationships. This means there can be some fiery energy, aggression, impulsiveness, sending a text or email that offends someone, frustrated with how far we are from our goals, lashing out at loved ones, and a feeling of losing control that can make you very angry.  Some of this anger and frustration will revolve around money, possessions, career, objects and for others relationships, ideas, sexuality, intimacy, safety. Like the caterpillar who is soft and tender, it goes into hibernation, camouflaging itself with its environment to build a new life.

The new direction in your current situation is inevitable. You have been preparing behind the scenes, feeling your way through the environment, perhaps deciding which final direction to head. Not all of you are linear thinkers, believers, or seekers. I love the recent video by Gilbert of Flight of the Hummingbird: The Curiousity Driven Life where she gives permission in this sentence: Some people—like her—are jackhammers. They focus intensely on one thing, diving in deeply and tuning out any other pursuit. But others are like hummingbirds, flitting from flower to flower—letting curiosity lead them from one interest to another—and making the world a better place by “pollinating” various interests with their unique contribution. Not everyone is a jackhammer! We need hummingbirds!

The beginning of a Transformation

The bottom line, truth seeker, is that there is no quick fix. I heard this loud and clear while listening to the ongoing Hay House Summit (click here to join free) which is currently in Series 3. Many of these spiritual thought leaders have echoed the reality that your current life can be complicated by a past life, your belief systems, your unwillingness to return to who you truly are. Your lessons are karmic, many of them. Some of these have already come back to awaken you. Fears and anxieties that you thought you had healed have opened back up as wounds that make your mind race endlessly, your body shake and set you into a state of shadow self. The shadow self is there, especially if you have any past trauma. Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is here until February 2017. Your power issues are going to go through quite a wringer. Expect people to push buttons.

Hiding out might make sense right now. You’ll feel protective of your self and surroundings. A cocoon is alchemy. It is a natural transition that turns something simple into something beautiful. Part of the alchemy process is MAGIC. It takes faith, belief and nature’s blessing, or karma. Just as Elizabeth Gilbert writes about hummingbirds, not everyone is meant to be a hummingbird either. Your deep Self is about to be asked to decide who you want to be in this life. What part of the Earth, sky, ocean, or fire is calling you? Where do you most feel the Light and can shine your talents simply through evolving? The beginning of transformation can also mean death. Death and letting go is as a natural process in life. Something has been asking you to let go and become that butterfly.

The Summer arrives soon

With summer arriving, natural transition to heat and sun and fun arrive. Gemini Sun will encourage communication, networking, online, texting, social invitations, staying curious and willing to try almost anything. Sagittarius encourages a deeper look and many of you may feel this conflict on Saturday, May 21st. Gemini just wants to experience light-hearted banter whereas Sag is the teacher, just as energetic and just as knowledgeable, but forces a poignant pause before jumping in. Again, try to enjoy yourself through all the transition. Find some Gemini energy and become more curious, adventurous, and network. It will help to gather ideas before heading into the cocoon. Your answers, astrologically speaking, may not arrive until end of July or later in August. I know that’s tough to hear. I seriously want some things in my life to happen already too. Please know that all of this is for your superstar moment. Your colors, ability to fly, and being able to seek freedom are soon to arrive.

Bottom Line

Find your own truth. There will be a LOT of distraction to keep you from your goals if you aren’t careful. I took a break from my personal Facebook page for that reason. I have also kept myself from listening to the news. Too many strong opinions and heated politics as well as lots of communication problems with Mercury Retrograde (we are still in its shadow through June 7th). If you choose to hide out, it might be hard with Gemini Sun arriving on the 21st. Gemini may also want to travel, play and take some risks. Saturn is helping you to stay on task. I recommend finding scheduled breaks and planned activities rather than impulsive ones. This would also relate to your relationships as well. Certain people in your life prove to be quite distracting, certain relationships set you up for taking attention away from your goals. Again, spend planned time with people and activities instead of simply playing all summer. This is a summer to get serious UNLESS you are always working too hard all the time, then do the opposite. I just sense that some of you are wanting to throw in the towel and not go in that cocoon. But, you will be so happy you did once you come back out.

Much love,

Mama Hummingbird