Being in the Moment. Self Love Sunday

How can you be in the Moment?

Sometimes you have so much going on in your life you can barely breathe or, let alone, sigh for relief. It may not seem important to others that you have major hurdles  or goals in front of you. The ability to stay in the moment becomes difficult, almost impossible. What do you do?

All decision-making and consciousness is constant opportunity to surrender to presence.

Whether or not you need to make a major life decision or take a quick assessment of your life, you are encouraged to be in the moment,

Let’s break this down.

If you are saying something to yourself like, “I have to make this happen in order to feel _______” it is possible you are not in the moment. Feeling it is.

If you cannot sense your energy, your body, your need for rest, thirst or hunger, or even fullness, it is possible you are not in the moment. Sensing it is.

If you are wanting to disassociate, disrespect, disregard, or dis-service, it is possible you are not in the moment. You lose being in the moment when you let go of Source energy.

Being in the Moment truly takes being in your totality. It takes all feelings and desires into account. It doesn’t act selfishly or hold back. It wants to engage transcendent energy.

Being in the Moment is you looking up at the sky in wonder, or playing with your friend’s hair, watching a kitten soak up the sun, or noticing how you bring energy into a room.

kitty sun

It is imperative to self-love that you are in the Moment. Others are counting on you to deliver your best, authentic self, today. Present.

Here’s the Self Love Sunday twist though. Being in the Moment is looking at your current circumstances, love affairs, bank accounts, and family relationships, and accepting who you are, where you stand, and what you decide to do, each day.

On Self Love Sunday, I just like to remind you.  You have to love yourself at the Moment, in this time and space. Shifting your focus to internal rather than external creates this atmosphere, a space for big breath, sigh of relief, so you can feel again.



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