Beat the barriers to Health

Are you the type of person who truly feels you have done the right things and still cannot lose the weight you want to, whether it be 15, 25, or 50 pounds? There are bigger barriers than just the food.

With increased age, stress, pollutants, toxin buildup, and belief systems the body will respond to by holding onto pounds even when you are making efforts to lose weight.

In the past I worked as a social worker in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care arenas where I saw many patients get to the point of extremely compromised health.  Often, these conditions were brought on by lifestyle choices.  I would see people start to rely on disability insurance and Social Security to survive because they could no longer work, could no longer move well, experienced depression, and, felt trapped in their own home.  Some were losing their homes and did not have good relationships with their spouse or family members.  Physicians and nurses would understandably get frustrated with these patients. They were the ones who come in again and again due to “non-compliance”.

Our healthcare system is not set up and will even refuse treatment for these patients who continue to deny their habits as life altering.  There are many wonderful physicians out there that I deeply admire.  I worked side by side with them and assisted with conversations and resources to help these patients.  Yet, the outcomes were not changed much with any single effort within the hospital.  “Re-hospitalization” is a struggle for so many organizations, not the just the hospital, but for the community as well.

What are the Barriers to Health and Weight?

  1. Lifestyle is a personal choice.  People don’t always make good choices.
  2. Our food is no longer pure. GMOs, food production and “secret” ingredients are indeed causing health problems, addictions, and neuro-responses.
  3. Our health-care, food production and pharmaceutical systems are often in bed together.
  4. The culture today in our country is “Entitlement Obesity,” as persons feel they deserve certain foods, monetary coverage, and system support for their personal choices.
  5. Your mindset, above all else, is often the biggest enemy.

So, how do you beat the barriers and become healthier? You can change your beliefs and your attitude to food, health, and your Self. It’s a process of loving yourself that is taught and supported. Then, you get closer to freedom.

Learn More Here about how to Change these Beliefs and Beat the Barriers.

What Some Countries are Doing to Beat the Barriers

Several countries are starting to take matters into their own hands and America is, once again, behind.  In England, there has been an Initiative called Incredible Edible.  In China, residents are starting rooftop gardens due to worries about a tainted food supply.  In Australia, the organic market is booming as more people are demanding a healthier lifestyle.  And, finally, in South America, Sofia Gatica has become well known and has earned the Goldman Environmental Prize for standing with the Mothers of Ituzaingó and protesting against pesticide sprays which she believes led to the death of her baby – a problem particular to her community which was surrounded by soybean fields.

It appears that many of us are moving towards and demanding healthier foods.  While we cannot always influence the government or its leaders in the right direction, we can certainly continue to make better choices and advocate for the community – whether it be our family, or an entire organization, to assist us in these efforts.


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