Authentic Vulnerability

Last night and this morning I feel a deep sense of “authentic vulnerability.” This could be a result of many things happening in my life right now but I FEEL raw and fragile, and that’s always a good thing. Why do I say that?
It’s when we don’t FEEL that we need to question, why not.
I get to have so many conversations with people about desires, love, intimacy, what they want, and don’t want, how it hurts to commit, or not commit, be with one person, or be with several persons. I have learned so much through all of you.
Sometimes when you receive more attention, you want more. When you receive love, you want more. Sex, more sex. Awards, more awards. Recognition, more recognition. Some people have a sense of never being filled up.
On the other hand, authentic vulnerability recognizes this WANT is simply that, a type of hunger which for some can turn into an addiction. A feeling that is usually short term and doesn’t always need to be fed. This isn’t because you don’t deserve the love, the award, the partner or the recognition, but it’s because manifestations take the energy of a Jedi master. You have to do some work at this stuff and be really good at knowing what you want.
When we put down the temporary feelings, and look deeper to the desires, we get a little closer to what it feels like to master our lives, to be the Jedi master of manifestation.
Authentic vulnerability is the pause between desire and manifestation. It’s a little like surrender, letting go, non-attachment. It’s like wanting to tell someone you love them and getting so close you can feel it, but thinking a tiny thought that they might not love you back. But, you want that love so bad…
So, simply feel it.



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