Authentic Expression – chakras, balance of power, subconcious

A Full moon, a SuperMoon, occurs tonight and beautiful pictures should be showing up on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as continued reports of riots, standing up for our rights, feeling committed to a cause as we see an imbalance of power.  As I had said last week, paternalism is not working for us as a society.  It is an imbalance which will cause disconnect.  I was so relieved to find my thinking was mirrored when I stumbled Julie Yeaman quoting Stephanie Austin ( Mountain Astrologer –  pg 97, issue 169-June/ July 2013):  “the primary focal point of this Full Moon is the cost and the demise of the patriarchal rule, or what Sam Keene, author of Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man, called a” technocorporarchy”. For the past 5000 years, the majority of the world has been governed by males and materialsim; before that the matriarchy and Mother Nature were venerated.
  Now our evolution requires that masculine and feminine be brought into equilibrium, calling for the integration of assertion and cooperation.”
I am discovering in all of the energy work I have been involved in lately that, indeed, we store many memories in our bodies and this pull between the masculine and feminine, fathers and mothers, and a lineage of family members and hidden memories from lives past, creates subconscious habits, patterns of doing and relating that can deter us from expressing ourselves authentically.
We all hold energy in our Chakras.  This has been proven by scientists, acupuncturists and healers throughout history.  The Chakras and the emotions contained within are deep and often subconscious.  It is not until we can move ourselves towards the higher vibrational levels, the Crown Chakra, that we really start to see the world in a new light.  Moving up through our hidden memories, moving past habits and fears and through the healing of expression is what keeps body workers, Tantra teachers, and alternative medicine workers in full force.  The chart below will give you some idea of what these Chakras are and how we may be expressing ourselves from a foundational and basic level (think of Maslow’s hierarchy) rather than from a higher, intentional one.  I will write an article at some point about Energy work.
Authentic expression is important in relationships, in business, with family and for your spirit.  I found a great article on ‘Discovering Your Authentic Leadership’ in the Harvard Business Review,  Feb. 2007, and it says, “… many leaders, especially those early in their careers, are trying so hard to establish themselves in the world that they leave little time for self-exploration. They strive to achieve success in tangible ways that are recognized in the external world—money, fame, power, status, or a rising stock price. Often their drive enables them to be professionally successful for a while, but they are unable to sustain that success. As they age, they may find something is missing in their lives and realize they are holding back from being the person they want to be. Knowing their authentic selves requires the courage and honesty to open up and examine their experiences. As they do so, leaders become more humane and willing to be vulnerable.”
On this Sunday, I would like you to think about the ways that you show up in the world and how your habits, fears, family patterns, old ways of relating and lack of personal time for growth may be affecting you, your relationships and your community.  As we don’t show up for ourselves, we don’t show up for the world at large.  It is this lack of willingness to change, to balance the masculine and feminine, that will create much havoc in the world.  I hope I have helped you to see that becoming YOU is so important.

Later today I will be speaking to the Angels.  Yes, speaking with angels.  It is a beautiful experience to ask those beings around
you to come to your aid, support you and assist you with your intentions.  These angels are with us at every moment and

can be called on when we need their guidance, protection, strength, wisdom, healing, love, and they have many other duties.  Please take this day to help you move forward in your search and to ask angels, pray to God, or whatever form you want to take to reach out, go deep and dothe work.  Do you want a certain career?   Do you want to love someone in particular?   Are you asking for exactly what you want?  Are you praying or meditating in the positive? Can you accept it when it comes to you, even if it doesn’t look like you thought it would?

Namaste,  Cynthia

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