Abundance and Self Love – Self Love Sunday

Abundance and Self Love. You may be wondering what those two have to do with one another… especially when you look around and see that some-not-so-nice people have a lot of money, win the lottery, or get a huge inheritance.  Why do they deserve that, and I don’t, you ask?  Am I doing something wrong? Don’t I deserve security or wealth?

Here is where that thinking has problems:

  1.  Believing in what you want vs. saying what you want.  I teach a lot about the law of Attraction.   Joel Osteen recently said, “The scripture says, “Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.’” You cannot talk defeat and expect to have victory. You can’t talk sickness and expect to have health. You can’t talk lack and struggle and expect to have abundance. You’ve got to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.”  Self Love is simply a reflection that you recognize your Divine self that has no limits. When you say you want something, you must believe you can have it.  At the same time, you must get out of “scarcity thinking.”
  2. The Universe has endless possibilities. Be open to your possibilities and think bigger than the world’s paradigm.  You must face the fact that your view of the World, and the Universe, is strictly limited based on your nurturing, conditioning, and education.  No matter how conscious you believe you are, you still have limitations. “If we challenge our heads about who we are – and can see ourselves as creative, eternal beings creating physical experience, joined at that level of existence we call consciousness – then we start to see and create this world that we live in quite differently.” – Ed Mitchell. Thus, when you imagine getting that job or apartment, or the house or car you just bid on, these are extremely small feats for an amazing Universe.
  3. Consciousness creates a letting go, rather than getting something.  In observing many of my clients who have money, men and women who either worked successfully to obtain it or were born in the right family to inherit it, I see a number of problems. These individuals are not without worry, family dynamics, health problems, legal issues and security issues. Some of you may say that you would be willing to live with these problems if you could have the money. The problem with this is that when you value money more than anything, money becomes your focus rather than peace, intelligence, love, or freedom. The money cannot bring these values to your life, only you can.  the, if something happened to cause you to lose any amount of this money, you are without the values that could truly set you free.
  4. Freedom is always within your reach, and it doesn’t cost anything.  Many people complain they are not free. It’s understandable to feel that way when you are bored.  Bored at your job, bored in your marriage, bored with your lover, bored with your friends. When life does not contain emotion, you are at risk for being bored and that causes you to feel trapped in life, unable to create change, getting stuck in endless complaint and. a general disregard for life and others. This is why you need to stay in relationships, whether difficult or manageable or orgasmic. Relationships will cause emotion, and emotions that are new and different expand you. One simple way to feel FREEDOM is to FORGIVE. The Course of Miracles talks about it, all religious texts emphasize it, and 14, 427 book results can be found on Amazon.  When you practice forgiveness, your debt load disappears. When you practice forgiveness, you are open to more friends, more challenges, more emotions, more of love.

I know that lottery ticket would feel amazing.  I know more money in the bank, more than you even need, would make you feel many emotions. you can imagine what you would do, the things you could do, where you could go. But, bigger than that is truly feeling free. Forgiving yourself and others. It’s a level of abundance most cannot reach because of the structures of paradigms and sub-conscious thinking. But, for those of you who have practiced this, and have lived it, then you already know.

Abundance is a thought process, an emotional experience, and a level of consciousness that brings it with freedom and you realize, God doesn’t move the puppet strings, you do. But, you have to get out of the way. You have to let the Universe orchestrate.

dream catcher strings

Turn over your worries and in-securities to Higher Consciousness.  Self love has everything to do with Abundance.  It’s realizing that in order to love yourself sometimes you must get sick of who you are becoming, seeing the polarity of being human-like, and creating a new one. As I said earlier, one emotion creates boredom. Thus, always being happy, or feeling peace, can create stagnation, and as an Energy worker, I believe stagnation is similar to death.  Let emotion flow. Continue to create experiences. Win some, lose some. Experience polarity. Experience poverty, if you must. Then, you have incentive to get back to abundance.

And so it is.




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