100 Affirmations for Self Love

100 Affirmations for Self Love

Affirmations written by Cynthia Djengue, Self Love Alchemy Coach

Body Love

1.  My body is a temple of love and magnificence.

2.  I love my body, it takes me where I want to go in life.

3.  God has been healing my body and I get to work on the rest.

4.  My body is my best friend, she knows when I need sleep, food, and sex.

5.  I know what to give my body and it thanks me for caring for it.

Self Esteem or Self Worth

6.  I recognize my strengths and use them to help others.

7.  My worth is not wrapped up in words or descriptions, I get to decide how wonderful I am.

8.  Persons see the goodness inside me and I reflect it back to them.

9.  I don’t respond to attacks on my esteem, rather I continue to love myself.

10.  “Women who love themselves are threatening; but men who love real women, more so.”  Naomi Wolf

Shame be Gone

11.  “You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself. – Geneen Roth

12.  I look to others who recognize the innocence of my soul and intentions.

13.  My past is not my present and my present is Perfect.

14.  Who said the past matters?   It simply is a story unfolding, not the outcome.

15.  I look at myself with the deepest of love and respect.

Being Overweight

16.  The scale does not measure my motivation nor my lifestyle. 17.  If I look at the diversity of women in the world, I fit right in. 18.  Weight can get heavy, but so can words.  I choose to use words that make me feel lighter. 19.  Fat is a concept not a curse word.  I like my fat, its part of me. 20.  I don’t obsess about weight.  I obsess about being Whole.

Having Imperfections

21.  Imperfectly perfect.   I have learned to love my imperfections.

22.  I am so glad that I was made unique.

23.  What creates character?   A character with flaws.

24.  Beauty has beauty’s marks.

25.  I admire my ability to find imperfections in life.  It grounds me in reality.


26.  Friendships with others make me realize more of who I am.

27.  A friendship lost is another one gained.  Glad I made room for the new one.

28.  My friends are able to give me necessary feedback.

29.  I am glad I have friends who are just as human as I am.

30.  Thanking the Universe for girlfriends!


31.  My purpose has meaning. My life is meaningful. 32.  “Sometimes it’s the same moments that take your breath away that breathe purpose and love back into your life.”  –  Steve Maraboli 33.  A purpose in life creates a swelling of energy in my heart. 34. I choose purpose over profit. 35.  Purpose in relationships helps me to be a better partner.


36.   The older I get the more I see the meaning in conscious connection.

37.  There is a partner in my horizon and I choose to manifest the right one at the right time.

38.  My love for a partner is my ability to expand my love with a smile.

39.  I give freely to my partner, and they give freely back to me.

40.   Opening up to a partner is like asking for the Light to come inside and shine through.


41.  I accept and open up to touch and cuddles and kisses.

42.  I realize that my space is sacred and I choose to let those enter who value me.

43.  My body desires to be loved, my soul longs to be opened up by your touch.

44.  I sense the beauty of another and recognize the release when we touch.

45.  Sex and intimacy create a positive charge of chemicals in my body.

46.  Intimacy is required for depth in relationships.

47.  I am ready to feel your touch.

48.  My body deserves love and affection.

49.  My marriage becomes more beautiful when I give freely to my partner in the bedroom.

50.  I imagine naked souls to intertwine.


51.  I invite intelligence to shine forth.

52.  My intellect is always being challenged.

53.  I know that intelligence is a Divine gift and I have that gift.

54.  Intelligence cannot always be measured, but words can.

55.  My thoughts come from an Infinite Intelligent Source.


56.  I am so thankful for the abundance that shows up for me daily.

57.  I attract abundance in my life and give it back to others.

58.  Life is Abundant.

59.  The Universe has a limitless supply.  Limitless.

60.  I can count on the Universe to supply me with what I need.  All I need to do is ask.


61.  My dreams are a reflection of my thoughts.  My thoughts are pure.

62.  Dreaming creates a reality that I envisioned.

63.  Dreams are not external, they are internal made manifest.

64.  My hopes and dreams are inter-connected.  I do not wish for what I cannot see.

65.  “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”  – John Lennon


66.   A Holistic lifestyle means I am using primary and secondary foods.  I have everything I need.

67.   I have a mind, body and soul wellness.

68.  I am able to see the connections and how holistic creates those connections.

69.  Holistic love is sexual, romantic and spiritual.

70.  I cannot love myself without loving all of myself.


71.  My Soul enjoys the recognition of love. 72.  My soul knows how to invite Self to the table. 73.  Soul awakenings are part of my daily intake. 74.  Soul foods are not just for my comfort, but for my growth and healing. 75.  Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.  Proverbs 16:24


76.  Feeling sexy is being sexy.

77.  Confidence is super sexy.

78.  Sexy is my attitude when I am open to receiving.

79.  Sexy wellness is loving myself even when I don’t feel like it.

80.  Being healthy and happy is really sexy.

Age is just a number

81.  I am so glad I got to where I am now.

82.  I feel deeper wisdom, increased awareness, and wonderfully peaceful.

83.  I treat my body better now than in my 20’s and 30’s.

84.  I see a face that has happy written all over it.

85.   I am playful and fun.


86.  Goals are my friend.  They keep me working towards more.

87.  I feel proud when I am working towards more.

88.  I am in a life with movement towards abundance.

89.  I create goals so I can see my desires manifest.

90.  I set goals in every area of my life so that I can enjoy having a purpose.


91.  I inspire greatness.

92.  I am inspired by Love.

93.  Love fills me with inspiration.

94.  Inspiration creates connection between the spirit world and my body.

95.  I find that loving myself inspires others.

Physical Body

96.  I am grateful that my body is so curvy.

97.  I envision greater strength, deeper healing, and a return to Source.

98.  I am able to feel love and my body is a temple for that love.

99.  I move so that my body can support me in all ways.

100.   I love my body.

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3 Replies to “100 Affirmations for Self Love”

  1. What a wonderful collection of affirmations! How we talk to ourselves is so important when it comes to emotional well-being. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Self love is easier said than done, but it is key in life. This is a view I have been taking on with many of my clients… so many of us put anyone and anything ahead of ourselves. I titled my personal blog Loving your Ideal Self for this reason.. once you discover self love all else follows.

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